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Nepal 2023 – Part 2

DAY 5 3 dentists in full speed today! The problem solving never ends as today the new unit’s suction system stopped working mid-morning. We suspect it mustn’t have fared too well on the trip from Pokhara to Ghandruk. Loc and Laura quickly learned the Nepalese word for ‘spit!’. DAY 6 Laura and John trekked over […]

Nepal 2023 – Part 1

POKHARA TO GHANDRUK Spirits were at an all-time high as we embarked on our journey from Kathmandu to the clinic in Ghandruk. We were eager to get in and see the state of the dental clinic since we’d last visited in 2018. Skies were clear and the flight was nice and smooth (we had our […]

Important Changes to Braddon Dental

Braddon Dental Surgery has been back in action for a few weeks now, and we are thrilled to be able to provide treatment for our patients again. There have been a few changes to how we are operating in order to prioritise the safety of our patients and our staff. While our infection control procedures […]

Update from Sanjiwani Public Health Mission

Healthcare Staff at the Ghandruk Community Health Centre Taken from the Sanjiwani Newsletter: The Ghandruk Community Health Centre offers free medical treatment to members of the community, encouraging people to seek early and intermediate intervention of health related issues. Throughout the pandemic, their staff have been very proactive in running COVID awareness talks and implementing […]

2021 Charity Days

Each year, Loc (often accompanied by Laura) travels overseas to Vietnam or Nepal to provide free dental care for underprivileged communities. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the restriction of overseas travel, our annual charity trip was cancelled. For this reason, we have decided to give back to local charities in 2021. We have designated 4 […]

Dental Injuries: Know What To Do

Dental trauma is when an injury has caused damage to teeth and/or adjacent structures such as the gums, the periodontal ligament (the tissues lining the tooth socket) or the bone. These types of injuries are most common in young children through to young adults. It has been reported that 25% of all school children and […]

Children’s Health Aid Team – November 2019

At the end of last year, Loc and Laura joined a team of dentists, dental hygienists and dental students on a volunteer trip in Vietnam. The charity, Children’s Health Aid Team, offers dental care and oral health education to underprivileged communities throughout Vietnam and run mission trips four times a year. The start of the […]

In Loving Memory of Dorothy Italiano

 Braddon Dental Surgery announces with great sadness the loss of long-time friend and receptionist, Dot, who passed away peacefully on Wednesday 25th September 2019. Dot was the friendly face of our reception and truly loved by all our patients. A beautiful mother, grandmother, wife and friend, she will be dearly missed by all. Rest in […]

Sanjiwani Australia Announcement

DGR status has arrived! Sanjiwani Australia Inc is delighted to advise they have been endorsed by the ACNC and ATO as a Designated Gift Recipient. What does that mean to ‘you’, our supporters and donors in Australia? All gifts of $2 or more to Sanjiwani Australia Inc are now tax deductable. We hope you are as […]

Nepal 2018: The Final Day

Tired! That’s how I would describe myself on the other side of 264 patients over 10 days. Yesterday we had a lovely closing ceremony and we were treated to marigold necklaces and some heartwarming speeches about the impact we have had on this community of Ghandruk and the surrounding districts. Everyone appeared to be grateful […]

Nepal 2018: Day 7

Yesterday I treated Hari–Maya Gurung (below) who is one of the 20 women in the Ghandruk community and the surrounding catchment area who work with the community to get better health outcomes. These women encourage good health practices, especially among women and nursing mothers. They are all volunteers and appear to have quite good standing […]

Nepal 2018: Day Four

By day four of our trip, the supply of teddy bears and knitted goods are about half gone. I suspect that we will run out before the end of the camp – but that is OK! Thank you again to the generous knitters in Canberra who provided such beautiful and warm gifts for the children […]

Nepal 2018: Our First Day

Leaving Kathmandu and flying to Pokhara, we jumped in a jeep and travelled for about 4 hours on a very poor road. Never travelling more than about 20 km/hr, we bounced, and we bounced, and we bounced, eventually arriving in Ghandruk. Two years ago, when we first visited Ghandruk, the road stopped someway short of […]

Dental Health Week 2018

Not just your teeth. Not just your gums. Your whole mouth. Dental Health Week (6th-12th August) is an annual event run by the Australian Dental Association that aims to promote oral health across Australia. This year, the theme is ‘Watch Your Mouth’, which emphasises practicing good oral hygiene and improving overall dental health. Whilst many […]

Do you notice that your gums are bleeding after brushing or flossing?

There are a multitude of factors that can cause our gums to bleed and luckily the majority of these can be easily fixed by you and your dentist. The leading cause of bleeding gums is poor oral hygiene which leads to a disease called gingivitis – characterized by red and swollen gums that tend to […]

CHAT Vietnam November 2017

Another mission complete! Recently, Dr Lam traveled to Vietnam to work with Christian Health Aid Team (CHAT), an organisation which she has been closely involved with for quite a few years. CHAT is a non-government organisation which is aimed at providing medical check-ups, dental treatment and oral hygiene education to underprivileged and special needs children […]

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening

Due to the increasing influence of social media, television and movies, more and more people are becoming aware of discoloured teeth and are consequently searching for ways to create whiter and more perfect teeth. Before you look into ways to correct tooth discolouration, it is important to understand the science behind teeth whitening and what […]

The Recipe for Straight Teeth

With many new dental technologies surfacing in the market today, it is good to know the outstanding results that can be achieved through combining traditional orthodontic treatment (braces) with cosmetic dental treatment. Compared to other techniques used to straighten teeth, traditional orthodontics provides a three-dimensional improvement of a person’s dentition, where it can: Straighten roots […]

Nepal 2016 – Ghandruk

The return trip to Ghandruk from Chhomrong involved another day trek and many more eventful experiences with the horses. Despite a few difficulties, the team managed to make it back, albeit bruised and battered, and settled in to the small village for our last clinic of the trip. Despite being quite small, the health clinic […]

Nepal 2016 – Chhomrong

After an exhausting day trek across the valley (some on horses and some on foot), we arrived in Chhomrong – another small village within the Annapurna region. Our equipment had been carefully packed the day before and sent off on donkeys for the journey and every member of the team had their fingers crossed that it […]

Nepal 2016 – Kliu

Despite the delayed start, we finally made it to the first clinic in Kliu – a small, remote village located within the Annapurna region, about 2 hours drive from Pokhara. The clinic space provided was a large tin shed located just above a children’s day care centre with no furniture, a few power points and […]

Nepal 2016 – Kathmandu

The start to our mission trip was eventful to say the least. The first few days were spent dealing with various officials within the Department of Labour, the Nepal Medical Council and the Department of Immigration in an attempt to organise working visas for our time here. Since the devastating earthquakes in 2015, there have been many […]

Dementia and Dental Care

What is dementia? Dementia does not refer to just one single disease but is a collection of symptoms caused by disorders affecting the brain. It is affected enough to interfere with a person’s normal social or working life, affecting their thinking, behaviour and their ability to perform everyday tasks. (Alzheimer’s Australia, n.d.) Dental problems in […]

Women and Oral Health – Dental Health Week 2016

In commemoration of the upcoming ADA Dental Health Week (1st – 7th August) it is necessary to focus on the significance of oral health of women. Hormonal changes during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause induce many effects on the body however many forget that they can have a significant impact on the state of oral health. […]

Maintaning Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be both a wonderful and challenging experience for women, with the body undergoing many stresses and transformations. During this time it is important to regularly assess and maintain your health to ensure a healthy pregnancy. However, many women easily forget that their oral health is just as important to maintain before, during and […]

Save the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Earlier this year, the Federal government announced that by 1 July they intend to close the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and replace it with the Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme (caPDS). Due to the Federal election on 2 July, however, the dissolution of both houses of parliament resulted in all legislative changes to be […]

I brush My Teeth Twice A Day and Still Get fillngs. Why?

Do you Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day and Still Need Fillings?

If you brush your teeth twice a day and still need fillings then we may be able to help. A build up of plaque in hard to reach areas may be your problem. Tooth decay causing bacteria that accumulate in these areas produce acid, demineralising the tooth enamel. This is the first stage of tooth decay […]