The Recipe for Straight Teeth

With many new dental technologies surfacing in the market today, it is good to know the outstanding results that can be achieved through combining traditional orthodontic treatment (braces) with cosmetic dental treatment.

Compared to other techniques used to straighten teeth, traditional orthodontics provides a three-dimensional improvement of a person’s dentition, where it can:

  1. Straighten roots of teeth within arches
  2. Align teeth
  3. Reline gums in order to further improve aesthetics

In combination with this, your orthodontist may then refer you to a general dentist for non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment. This may include:

  • Veneers: addition of a tooth colour restoration to the front surface of natural teeth
  • Composite build-ups: tooth coloured material used to increase lengths of teeth

When considering orthodontic treatment you should also be considering the end result that you wish to achieve as well as its longevity. Whilst other techniques, such as Invisalign, may seem to be less visible, less invasive and faster, the results may not be optimum especially when in combination with cosmetic dentistry. In addition, the fees and time taken for other techniques of treatment may not be cheaper nor quicker depending on your case.


Below are some cases that have this combination treatment. As mentioned above, 3-dimensional improvement of these teeth has been achieved – straight alignment of teeth and aesthetic alignment of gum lines.

Left to right: Patient before orthodontic treatment, after orthodontic treatment, after cosmetic dental treatment


Traditional orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry can be individualised for specific patients and can cater to a range of case difficulties and yet can still produce great aesthetic results, whether you are a child, teenager or adult.