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Nepal 2018: Day 7

Yesterday I treated Hari–Maya Gurung (below) who is one of the 20 women in the Ghandruk community and the surrounding catchment area who work with the community to get better health outcomes. These women encourage good health practices, especially among women and nursing mothers. They are all volunteers and appear to have quite good standing […]

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Nepal 2018: Day Four

By day four of our trip, the supply of teddy bears and knitted goods are about half gone. I suspect that we will run out before the end of the camp – but that is OK! Thank you again to the generous knitters in Canberra who provided such beautiful and warm gifts for the children […]

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Nepal 2018: Our First Day

Leaving Kathmandu and flying to Pokhara, we jumped in a jeep and travelled for about 4 hours on a very poor road. Never travelling more than about 20 km/hr, we bounced, and we bounced, and we bounced, eventually arriving in Ghandruk. Two years ago, when we first visited Ghandruk, the road stopped someway short of […]

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Dental Health Week 2018

Not just your teeth. Not just your gums. Your whole mouth. Dental Health Week (6th-12th August) is an annual event run by the Australian Dental Association that aims to promote oral health across Australia. This year, the theme is ‘Watch Your Mouth’, which emphasises practicing good oral hygiene and improving overall dental health. Whilst many […]

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Children getting hands-on education on tooth-brushing

CHAT Vietnam November 2017

Another mission complete! Recently, Dr Lam traveled to Vietnam to work with Christian Health Aid Team (CHAT), an organisation which she has been closely involved with for quite a few years. CHAT is a non-government organisation which is aimed at providing medical check-ups, dental treatment and oral hygiene education to underprivileged and special needs children […]

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tooth whitening

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening

Due to the increasing influence of social media, television and movies, more and more people are becoming aware of discoloured teeth and are consequently searching for ways to create whiter and more perfect teeth. Before you look into ways to correct tooth discolouration, it is important to understand the science behind teeth whitening and what […]

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The Recipe for Straight Teeth

With many new dental technologies surfacing in the market today, it is good to know the outstanding results that can be achieved through combining traditional orthodontic treatment (braces) with cosmetic dental treatment. Compared to other techniques used to straighten teeth, traditional orthodontics provides a three-dimensional improvement of a person’s dentition, where it can: Straighten roots […]

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Nepal 2016 – Ghandruk

The return trip to Ghandruk from Chhomrong involved another day trek and many more eventful experiences with the horses. Despite a few difficulties, the team managed to make it back, albeit bruised and battered, and settled in to the small village for our last clinic of the trip. Despite being quite small, the health clinic […]

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Nepal 2016 – Chhomrong

After an exhausting day trek across the valley (some on horses and some on foot), we arrived in Chhomrong – another small village within the Annapurna region. Our equipment had been carefully packed the day before and sent off on donkeys for the journey and every member of the team had their fingers crossed that it […]

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